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 IC Fight Rules

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PostSubject: IC Fight Rules   IC Fight Rules EmptyWed May 06, 2015 8:57 pm

Please understand that while this site is not meant to be violence based we know fights happen. Tensions rise between characters and sometimes it comes to blows. Because of this we have devised a fighting style and rules that must be followed for such a situation.

All fights must be approved by staff before they happen to ensure that the General Rules are not being broken (such as the fight being over IRL issues between role-players being taken IC). Staff DOES NOT always have to approve a fight and allow it to happen - if the circumstances do not merit the fight then it will not be allowed.

If you find yourself IC in a situation to where you need to fight someone or defend yourself bring it to the attention of staff. If the staff members agree to allow the fight then a process will take place to ensure that it is fair.

Those involved in the fight will be moved into a private thread that is locked only to the individuals involved (this is to allow the fight to happen without having to wait for anyone else in the thread to post who isn't fighting). If someone wishes to join a fight that has already started you must bring it to staff's attention with a valid IC reason as to why your character would be involved: if approved then you will be allowed to enter.

During this time the thread the fight started in will be locked: this means no one else will be allowed to post in it until the fight has ended. The only exception to this is if staff says differently, or if those participating in the fight say that the thread can go on (however, those in the fight will NOT be allowed to post in it during this time!).

The fight thread will be started by a member of staff with any rules that pertain to that fight posted for both parties to see in the opening post. These rules will be non-negotiable and can change from thread to thread depending on the situations or the staff member over-seeing the fight. These rules can pertain to anything from the setting of the area the fight is in to specific rules that allow or do not allow certain weapons or types of powers.

After the staff member makes the thread you will post what is called an "introduction". This is essentially every move/ability/power that your character can use for this fight. This CANNOT be changed later on. If you do not put it in before you post it then you cannot use it. This goes for any weapons or armor that your character might have as well. The more detail you put in the better. You cannot attack someone in your introduction! This will be done the same as a boxing match, ect. After the staff member is sure that both of your introductions follow any rules set for the thread they will tell you to begin.

From there the fight is yours. Each character will take turns attacking/defending/ect. Whoever posted their introduction first will be the first person allowed to attack. You will go back and forth taking turns until the fight ends.

If you have an issue with the fight for any reason (cheating, someone is using powers they didn't have listed, ect) please bring it up to staff and they will judge if your opponent's post must be changed. Whatever the staff's ruling is on this sticks: do not argue.

The fight is won whenever someone is subdued, imprisoned, killed, or maimed beyond being able to continue. When the fight is won the locked thread it started in can be continued; if the defeated person was killed they will not be able to continue to post unless someone in that thread is capable of bringing their character back to life!
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IC Fight Rules
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