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 Aya Yang

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Aya Yang Hrhrlu

Name: Aya Yang
Age: 15
Birthdate: July 15th
Sexuality: Asexual
Marital Status: Single
Location: Tokyo
Rank: N/A

Race: Spirit [Former Human]
Special Characteristics: N/A

Height: 5 Foot 0 Inches
Weight: 80 Pounds
Eye Color: Brown
Fur/Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color | Length: Black | Waist Length
General Description: Aya, even as a spirit, appears much like she did in life. She is short height wise, standing at only an even five feet tall, and her form is slim and slender. She has long black hair which hangs down to nearly her waist with bangs hanging down almost to her chocolate colored eyes. Her skin, as was usual for her in life, is pale.

The outfit she appears in normally is a dark blue 'schoolgirl' outfit much like the one she used to wear daily to school. A pleated dark blue skirt hangs halfway down her thighs, with a matching jacket beneath of which she wears a white colored short sleeved shirt and a black ribbon around her neck. Her legs are covered to right above her knees with black kneehighs, and her shoes which have a slight heel to them are polished to a perfect gleam.

Personality: Coming Soon!
History: Aya hadn't always been unique. In fact, like many other humans roaming the world she had lead a rather dull life in comparison with other races. Her birth had been uneventful, a joyous occasion in all but one without issue or trouble. Both of her parents loved her as did her aunts, uncles, and cousins that she was near constantly surrounded by. All in all she was a very happy child with no weird abnormalities or anything that marked her as different or 'other' when it came to her family and friends. She did well enough in school when she started attending at the age of four, and made grades that kept her parents pleased while also not being quite top of her class. Still, her parents were satisfied, her elder brother a little jealous considering his own issues with his grades, and her life went on without fan fare.

That, of course, all changed the night of the accident. She was nine years old, walking home from visiting a friend. Her elder brother was supposed to have picked her up but as usual he was running late - his newest girlfriend was claiming all of his attention during those days and it often kept him distracted from what he was supposed to be doing (in this case picking his little sister up after working on a group project for school with her friend). Given that Aya hadn't wanted to be late and wind up getting into trouble with her parents she had decided that walking home was her best option, even if it was three miles along dark and winding roads. Aya was a little over halfway home when trouble hit; a group of teenagers who were both drunk and high had decided to go for a joy ride on the road which they didn't know all that well. They plowed around a nearly ninty degree turn going far too fast and ended up smashing right into Aya before they could stop themselves.

In the time between when Aya was struck by the car and when she woke up from the coma she had fallen into the doctors had counted that she had died officially seven times and been brought back to life. When Aya finally awoke there were things she quickly realized that she could see that no one else could. At first these things didn't scare her, but soon she began to realize that there were dark things out there that did. She had no words, no proper term to use for these evil beings she was seeing, but they terrified her just the same. In an attempt to seek help for this problem she reached out to her parents, hoping as she did so that they'd be willing to help her, that they could do something to make these dark and evil creatures go away, or if nothing else at least understand that she was terrified and try and comfort her.

Like typical 'sane' parents they thought Aya was making it up, perhaps seeking attention because of how much she had got while injured from her accident. When Aya continued to insist that something was wrong, that she wasn't faking it or making things up, they ended up sending her to a psychologist who spent months running tests on Aya to figure out what was wrong with her that was causing her to see illusions, to have delusions, as they thought they were at the time.

As more and more time passed these dark things began to notice Aya too; each time she saw them they seemed to be closer. What she once saw from a distance now was close up and personal; and worse these things were clearly interested in her. Eventually Aya ended up becoming harmed by one of these things, and when she attempted to explain to her parents what had happened they didn't belive her: instead they thought she had caused the wounds herself. Worried, they did exactly what the psychologist told them to do: they had her commited to an asylum.

The asylum was a terrifying place for Aya, and she hated it. She had little freedom: thought she truly preferred locked in her room anyway which was about the only place she felt safe. The people around her were truly crazed and crazy; unlike Aya what they saw or heard really didn't exist. Aya's nightmares, however, continued to be very real. On several more occasions she was harmed in some fashion or another by these dark beings who seemed determined to find her, and each time she found herself locked in isolation: punished because they thought she had inflicted the wounds on herself and wouldn't believe otherwise.

During one of these trips into isolation another patient within the asylum got lose and ended up with a set of keys. The other patient was crazed, completely out of her mind, and seeing things. It just so happened that this patient stumbled upon Aya's own isolation room and had the appropriate key for it. The patient, who saw Aya as a threat and whom was far larger than the fourteen year old girl, attacked and killed Aya brutally. By the time the staff showed up it was too late: this time around Aya couldn't be brought back to life.

Of course, Aya had no idea she was dead. As a spirit she 'woke up' several hours after the attack - long after the isolation room had been cleaned and her body removed. She found the doors opened to her, found no obstacle in her way as she made her way out of the asylum. For several days she thought that perhaps they had just let her out - she was too young to know any different. Strange things occured though; most people seemed to ignore her completely: they acted as if they couldn't see or hear her which Aya found not only rude but upsetting.

After several days of wandering around lost Aya finally found her way back to her family's home, unaware of how she never got thirsty, and never felt the need to eat, or even felt tired. At home she found much the same treatement: no one looked at her, no one even acknowledged that she was there. Thinking eventually that they were all angry at her for leaving the asylum she decided to go back: however things were much the same there. Confused, and growing scared, Aya fled.

For days she wandered again, hoping that she could think of the right words to say that would make her family speak to her again. After another two or three days she decided to try again, only once more she found her family paying no attention to her at all. What was worse was they they all seemed to be grieving, yet all of her family members seemed to be there and they had had no pets. It wasn't until a few hours into being home that she realized it was her they were grieving the loss of.

It was then Aya finally realized why no one could hear or see her: she was dead.

RP Sample: N/A

Faceclaim: Google Image Search
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Aya Yang
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