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 General Rules

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Special Note: Each city will have its own set of laws that differ somewhat from city to city, so please make sure you read up on these before posting there. You've been warned...
Also, please check back often - these rules are destined to change as the Boss of the city sees fit - they are not set in stone.

Basic Rules!
1. Please follow all the rules listed. Any violation of these rules will be cause for punishment!

2. Refrain from one-lining. An ideal post should be at least a paragraph -- 3 to 5 sentences. If you're in a private topic and it is agreed upon, then one-lining is allowed.

3. Solo threads are allowed. However, you may only have one solo thread going at any given time. Your solo thread must be at least 300 words or longer, and you must have at least 2 minutes between each post.

4. You may not use unapproved characters/items/abilities in topics. Also note that anything approved after a thread has already started also cannot be used.

5. Mild cursing is allowed, but please refrain from having an all out curse-fest. There are people who would rather not have to read it.

6. Racial discrimination is not allowed. We accept everyone! Therefore if you do it you will be banned!

7. Sexual harassment is likewise not tolerated! If you’re told to knock it off and you don’t you will be banned! Immediately.

8. Respect people while in that Chatbox, this includes the Staff! The Chatbox is a privilege! Disrespecting people in the chatbox will result in penalties: Verbal Warning, Warning, Suspension, and then Ban.

9. Respect the Staff and your fellow site members. The staff are not your baby sitters. We're not going to soothe your ruffled hair because someone did something you simply didn't like. If it's bothering you so much, send a PM to one of us admins, and have a damn good reason. "His character can do that, but mine can't." or some other petty bullshit isn't a good reason; petty jealousy and whining is a one way ticket to getting a ban. If a staff member tells you no, or tells you to stop, then stop. Don't argue.
1st: Warning, 2nd: three day suspension, 3rd: Ban

10. There is to be absolutely no bullying. This includes anything from being generally nasty towards someone, to hunting down their characters just because you don't like who they are out of character, or who their character is, ect. Unless your character has a legitimate RP reason (Such as that persons character fucked with your character in some way, their friends or family, or did something your character doesn't like in front of them) you cannot go after them. Anyone found doing this "bullying" or participating in it will be banned. You will be warned only once, then banned. This includes also bullying in the chatbox as well, or throwing around threats. Lets keep it in RP people. If you don't like someone then steer clear of them and leave them alone. If you are being bullied or suspect that someone is, screen shots or chatbox text logs MUST be provided before staff can do anything about it, unless staff is there to witness it.

Other Rules:
1. Do not post in dead topics unless you were previously involved in one, then you may attempt to revive it.

2. You’re only allowed to have up to 5 topics at any given time. To start a new topic past that number you must first close one you’re already in.

3. No farming. This means you are not allowed to enter into a topic and leave within two posts.

4. Follow posting order! This means taking turns. You must wait for everyone else who had joined the topic to post before you can post again.

5. Topic Titles are not to be changed. Other than switching the topic from Open to Closed upon finishing the thread, you are not allowed to edit it, including changing the people who it says are allowed or not allowed in the topic.

6. Post the abilities/items you used in spoilers at the bottom of your post!

7. Your username must be the same as your character name; no nicknames are allowed. This is to make it easier for staff to locate your applications if needed.

8. All images that are overly large to the point that they stretch the site MUST be resized. Spoilered or not; this is required.

Chatbox Rules!
1. No Spamming!

2. No advertising in the chatbox!

3. Place images and long links in spoilers! This is to ensure the Chatbox doesn’t break. Failure to do this will result in warnings, and then if continued abuse happens a suspension or ban.

4. Respect each other! Discrimination of any form will NOT be tolerated.

5. Do not argue in the Chatbox. Whether this is with another member of a member of Staff it is not tolerated!

6. Five Minute Rule! This means that you must wait for 5 minutes upon logging into the Chatbox before you may ask any Staff member to look at any application. This also extends to having to wait 5 minutes upon Staff entering the Chatbox before you may ask them to look over anything. We take this rule very seriously and repeated violation will result in heavy consequences: Verbal Warning, Warning, Suspension, Ban.

7. If you see trash talk or someone causing shit in a chatbox; untick the Auto-Refresh box, scroll up to the start of it, or as far back into the argument as you can; and start copying it. Or, preferably, screencaps. Then alert an admin or moderator to the problem. Without chatlogs; we cannot do anything. Screencaps are preferred; however a textlog with timestamps will be accepted in a pinch.

8. There is to be no sexual content in the chatbox. This includes anything from random words spoken about different parts of the body, to outright cybering. If we catch it you WILL lose chatbox privileges for a week. Repeat offenders will be perma banned from the site if it continues.
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General Rules
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