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 Jun Hakuda

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Jun Hakuda Fn91t0

Name: Jun, Hakuda
Age: 521
Birthdate: Jan 7th
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Location: Soul Society
Rank: Captain/High Noble

Race: Shinigami
Special Characteristics: N/A

Height: 6'8
Weight: 260
Eye Color: Brown
Fur/Skin Color: Brown
Hair Color | Length: shoulder length blonde and brown dreads.
General Description: His is muscular and strong in appearance, and his only distinction for a normal captain's uniform is the bland band of cloth he wears on his forehead. It is lined in white and bares the mark of his family.

Personality: A rather quiet man, he is known for his fierce devotion to the Soul Society and to the Captain Commander. He believes in the purpose of the Soul Reaper and considers it an honor. His polite, though his close friends are few and carefully chosen. He runs his division with respect and he gets it in return. His soldiers listen to him without hesitation, but not out of fear. He loves music and does not back down from a fight. Don't make him mad.

History: He was born to a wealthy and high respected family of the Soul Society. Because of his family status, it was only natural he become a superb Shinigami and eventually land in a quick rise to leadership. He has since dedicated his time to improving the power and strength of his home.

RP Sample: Blarga

Faceclaim: Deviantart
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Jun Hakuda
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