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Name: Daoine
Location: The Celtic Isles (Homeland) || Wanderers
Average Life Span: 0 - 20,000
Sub Species Name (If Available): Biskmatar
History: Ancient. Ancient is ways few could ever comprehend. Some say they existed before time itself. Others that they were of the First Races. This is... not exactly untrue; but the truth itself is far more. However, that truth is known only to the highest castes of the race; the nobility that see to the continuation of their people. A people of many and no one in particular; the race is less a race, and more an alliance. Multiple species came together in a time of great hardship to create an empire that lasted for eons without end. Ruling their world for generation came naturally; the rulers kept a loose grip on the people; allowed the various races to live as they would have normally; extending their power only when needed to keep the people safe. This system worked perfectly for longer then even the nobility could remember; until the final fall of the empire.

Not a war, nor an outside attack. A simple virus; new and unknown and from the lands beyond their control. A virus from the new species on the planet; humanity. Something that to the rest of the planet was mostly a mild annoyance; but ravaged the Daoine Empire with a speed never seen before. By the time a cure was found; it was too late. The Empire had fallen; the survivors had retreated to their ancestral homelands. The population had been decimated; less then 20% of the original population was left alive. It was enough to survive; but they never managed to build back to how they had been before. Too many species lost; to much destroyed; too much energy lost.

It was time to rest; and they took to their smaller lands with an almost joy. Now, they could work together better; see each other more. Dream together. The last two cities; the oldest in the Empire; they kept the people going as they transitioned into small villages and towns; changing from a city people back to a more agrarian way of life. Science and technology still flourished; they where far removed from the pre-tech and post-tech civilizations that existed elsewhere; having done that long ago. Tech was a tool, not a way of life. They had learned the balance of nature and technology long before; there was nothing to worry about now.

From there they enjoyed several generations of prosperity; slow growth and rediscovery of the lands they had once forsaken. It was a good time to be alive; a new age of mental growth and discovery. They focused on medicine and bio-technology in this era. While they had find a cure to the plague that nearly destroyed them; the entire race agreed that it could never happen again. With this in mind; they worked to enhance upon what nature had given them; they had long ago reached what was the end of their physical evolution on this world; it was why they had so much trouble adapting to the sickness at first. When a species stopped adapting; they died off. This was relearned the hard way. So now; it was time to kick start. Bio-augmentation, genetic tweaking, you name it. The only thing they didn't do was eugenics; the people where still free, they would not be told how to breed.

It was during this time that they reached the height of their scientific might. They had achieved the impossible; creating an entirely new race of beings from nothing. The pride of the race; the newest addition to their ranks. The species where known as nothing but what they where, the people. Part of them, as if they had always existed. Powerful; powerfully different; an attempt to bring the best of the primates into the People. Primates had never existing within the empire; long shunned after the bloody wars that gave rise to the Daoine. Now, the lesson was learned. To exist in  world overrun by the hairless primates called humans; they would need to bring them into the fold. The new people; code-named "Biskmatar" where just that. The sum total of everything the people had ever known, brought to bare in creating new life. And they where perfect.

Everything that made the People what they where and more; innocent and pure in ways that no race of the world was. They where like children even as adults, the trials and tribulations of wats and strife meant nothing to them, they had never experienced it. A happiness, innate and overwhelming, it refreshed the weary spirits of the rest of the People. The first generation of the 'Biskmatar' are starting to grow up, and are nearly ready to be released upon the world.

A steady stream of merchants, traders, vacationers, tourists, you name it; visiting members of other races are not a rare site within the two large cities of the Empire. Fresh blood, fesh ideals; a bright new light shines upon the Poeple of this time.
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