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Name: Lux
Age: 15 [Appearance] | 6,000+? [Real Age]
Birthdate: September 25th
Sexuality: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Location: Europe
Rank: High-Noble

Race: Biskmatar [First Generation]
Special Characteristics: /

Height: 4 Foot | 9 Inches
Weight: 90 Pounds
Eye Color: Brown [Left Eye] | Pinkish White [Right Eye]
Fur/Skin Color: Alabaster Pale
Hair Color | Length: Brown, Pink, and White | Waist Length
General Description: Her hair is half pink and half brown, with white streaks in the pink half. This hair choice often leads those who don't know her to take the first impression of her being somewhat rebellious or even a trouble maker – however this is far from the truth and simply something she played off of early on in life due to her eyes.

She suffers from a condition called heterochromia iridum, where the eyes have two different colors, and because of this her left eye is brown while her right eye is a pinkish white color.

Lux is rather diminutive in stature; often using her small size in combat to better her odds and chances, and to exploit openings.

Lux wears a white jacket with a pink interior; the back of the jacket going down to her knees while the front stops much higher than that, brown pants, and gray boots with very high heels. Under her jacket is a black corset, curved in the middle at the bottom, exposing her hips. She also wears a multitude of necklaces, which hang haphazardly around her neck.

Personality: Lux appears to exhibit a stern, business-like demeanor when she's on duty, and on missions. She keeps a very professional air around herself, and believes in being a proper example for her village: attempting to avoid making her village look bad. Also she always seems to wear a self-assured smile and is exceptionally polite, especially when dealing with strangers or those she doesn't have a reason to be rude or crude towards.

She easily shows confidence on the battlefield, though sometimes this leads to her taunting and mocking her opponents while fighting. It also leaves her to being a tad bit reckless; leading to her often attempting stunts and moves that others wouldn't dare try due to how dangerous they would be. Off of the battlefield this leads to Lux being more then willing to try extreme sports; hiking without proper gear, cliff diving, exploring different caves and a variety of other things.

Lux is also shown to have a slightly psychopathic and cruel side especially against those who attempt to mess with her cause harm to her friends and family, or her village. In battle she shows no mercy; she will slaughter any and all who are considered a threat to those whom she holds dear.

She's very loyal to her friends, family, and her village: therefore this cruelty tends to increase when dealing with those defecting from the village or otherwise doing something to betray it.

However, this loyalty also leads her to show a much kinder side as well: she can be super and kind, willing to lend a helping hand without a second thought to any who she can consider an ally.

When she's not on duty, or otherwise on missions, Lux has a very bubbly and happy side to her personality. She likes to be active, and constantly on the go. She's happy almost all of the time, and has a smile that is very infectious. She loves to joke, and goof around.

History: Lux is a first generation Biskmatar, born second. [More coming soon]

Faceclaim: Neo - RWBY

Lux FNz6bw4
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