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 Isis [WIP]

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Isis [WIP] Zxwtg

Name: Isis
Age: 2,500
Birthdate: December 31st
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Dating
Location: Celtic Isles
Rank: Blood Noble

Race: Vampire | Biskmatar
Special Characteristics:

Height: 5'3”
Weight: 110 Pounds
Eye Color: White
Fur/Skin Color: Light Tan
Hair Color | Length: Black | End of her Neck
General Description: Isis stands at a rather short five feet three inches tall. She weighs only one hundred and ten pounds, leading to a rather thin frame. Despite this she still has lovely feminine features: a slight hour glass shape with comfortably round hips and C cupped breasts. Her skin is a light tan in color and her hair is black and kept short; going no further than the end of her neck. Isis' general facial and body features would put her at looking roughly sixteen or so in appearance despite her actual age.

Around her white eyes she often wears a black silk blindfold; this is to protect her otherwise useless eyes – though it hides naturally thick and dark eyelashes.

Isis usual outfit consists of dark colors and layers. A black under top with sleeves that go halfway down her forearms is worn beneath a dark blue tunic with black lining and a thin sash that goes around the waist – usually tied in the back in a simple bow. The tunic itself goes down and stops right above her knees, revealing black legging style pants worn beneath that stop right above her ankles. Though Isis doesn't often wear shoes, her choice when she does so is a pair of simple dark brown leather tan boots.

Personality: Isis has two separate personalities: the one that strangers or outsiders see and the one that her friends, family, and those she spends the majority of her time around see.

To outsiders Isis can come across as untrusting and quiet. She doesn't often speak to those she doesn't know: though of course this doesn't mean she's a snob. If asked a question, or for directions, she will offer them up – she's a helpful soul after all. However, she will not go out of her way to hold a conversation with someone she doesn't know – with an outsider. Nor, would she trust one on their word alone: strangers lie after all and Isis believes that when dealing with complete strangers or outsiders it's always best to be cautious.

To her friends and family though Isis can come across as a very loving, if a bit protective, individual. She is the type of person who will go out of their way to protect and care for someone she loves: willing to put herself in harms way to ensure that the rest of her family is kept safe: willing to take the proverbial bullet.

She's also very trusting when it comes to her friends and family members: if you cannot trust them then who can you trust?

In general Isis is a kind individual: her mother taught her the simple lesson of treating other people the way she herself would like to be treated. This is something that Isis holds dear; and tries to do. Of course, she does have a bit of a nasty temper too: if someone messes with her or her family she is known to react – albeit a bit violent and sadistically – but this is not something that happens often at all, and not something most people have to worry about.

Isis is by far a very stubborn individual when it comes to learning something or completing a task: she will try an obstacle a hundred different ways and not give up until whatever it is she's trying to accomplish is completed.

She's a kind and generous female, always willing to help out everyone and anyone she can; especially those she holds closest in her heart.

History: At least 300 words.

RP Sample: “Gah! Darnit!”, Isis cried out in frustration. One foot was placed in front of the other, over and over again, as she began to pace. Ten steps in one direction, a sharp turn which caused a sway of the bottom half of her tunic, and then another ten steps back in the direction she had originated.

Isis paced back and forth several times, her hands balled into fists so tightly that her fingernails bit into the palms of her hands without breaking the skin. After several moments of this she threw her hands up into the air and then grabbed her head: strands of her black hair slipping through her fingers.

“Why can't I keep this vision going? It's always the same! I see something for a few minutes and then it's gone again!” Isis dropped her hands and simply 'stared' up at the sky; head tilted back while she saw nothing at all – only able to imagine what the clouds might look like that were surely passing by overhead. She was waiting for an answer: perhaps even for one of the gods or goddess's of the world to come down from the heavens and provide her with the information she was seeing.

Nothing of the sort happened, and so she was left simply to reach out and try again... Try and see the world around her, or perhaps something more...

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Isis [WIP]
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