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 Khshayarsha (Sasha)

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Khshayarsha (Sasha) 5fKMARW

Name: Khshayarsha (Sasha)
Age: 2500
Birthdate: 12/21
Sexuality: Pansexual
Marital Status: Dating
Location: The Celtic Isles
Rank: High Noble

Race: Diaone
Special Characteristics:

Height: 6'2
Weight: 200lbs
Eye Color: Green
Fur/Skin Color: Silver
Hair Color | Length: Silver-White, shoulder length
General Description: Well built, he tends to project an air of confidence and wisdom; his eyes speak of long eons spent on this earth and wonders seen. As with most of the highest nobility of his people; Sasha has three “natural” forms; Hybrid, Humanoid, and animal. Hybrid is the most natural of the three; the one he was born into and which he is apt to spend the majority of his time. In this form he resembles very closely a large anthropomorphic feline of undetermined species; an almost mix of tiger, cougar, and a small amount of lion; however the rounded lines of his muzzle and eyes speak of nothing more so then canine, likely of the wolf-dog variety. This is due to his “mixed” blood; his mother's line was purely feline, while his father's was a mixed bag of the Noble lines. His fur is thick, extremely soft, and very clean at all times; lines of faint cinnamon stripes attesting to his strongest feline trait: Tiger.

Humanoid is just that; human, with a few quirks. Feline ears sit upon his head, as well as larger hands and clawed digits; with a solid white, feline tail usually swishing behind him.

Animal is as it seems; the form of an animal in the classical sense. As such; he his an enormous cinnamon and white colored tiger beast; stripes glowing faintly in low light and eyes as green as emerald. His paws are larger then dinner plates, and he is easily 12 feet from nose to the base of his tail, the appendage adding another 10 feet to his overall length; and a shoulder height of 6 feet. A beast of a beast, by any standards. In this form he is unable to speak clearly; relying on facial expressions, body language, and a myriad of animistic vocalizations for communication.

Personality: Sasha can seem to have two distinct personalities to those that don't know him very well. While on duty, he is supremely dedicated and highly professional; a competent leader that is able to maintain high morale among his troops while still being their 'friend', and never asking anything of them that he wouldn't do himself. His troops are some of the best trained among their kind, only the super elite shock troopers could be considered better trained, and the elite teams loved to try and recruit from his people so that was saying something.

Off duty and around his friends, he is extraordinarily kind and warm, with a booming laugh that flows freely and always ready to do anything and everything to make sure everyone is happy and safe. He is a natural protector, extremely so in the cases of his best friends and loved ones, which are one in the same the vast majority of the time.

Faceclaim: Prussia - Axis Powers: Hetalia
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Khshayarsha (Sasha)
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