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 Avery Tatsumaki

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Avery Tatsumaki KBa11R4

Name: Avery Tatsumaki
Age: 18
Birthdate: December 19th
Sexuality: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Location: N/A
Rank: Civilian

Race: Wizard
Special Characteristics: N/A

Height: 5 Foot 4 Inches
Weight: 110 Pounds
Eye Color: Blue
Fur/Skin Color: Light Tan
Hair Color | Length: Blond | Waist Length
General Description: Avery has a very thin and willowy frame; lacking almost any kind of muscle. Her body has just enough "meat" on it to give her a feminine form - hour glass hips, a C cup bust, and a a soft rump. She stands at five foot and four inches tall and has light blue eyes with light tan colored skin. Her eyes are blue in color, more of a light blue then a dark. Her hair, which is a light blond and hangs down to about her waist, is normally worn in a bun at the back of her head with two decorative metal chop sticks in it and several strands hanging loose.

Her usual attire consists of white robes with a high buttoned collar and slightly frilly sleeves, paired with a black cloak and black boots.

Personality: Avery can be very soft spoken most of the time, however she is willing to stand up for what she belives in when the time is appropriate. She treats everyone like equals, and cares little for race wars or any sort of racism: and she speaks up about it when it happened in front of her.

She is quite smart, and her thrist for knowledge knows almost no bounds - though this is not a dark thirst but rather the urge to learn all she can so that she can better help those around her.

For those who get to know Avery well they can usual find no loyalier of a friend than her; she is kind and caring, willing to give the very shirt - or robe - off of her own back to help those around her, those she cares about.
History: Coming soon.

RP Sample: NA

Faceclaim: Google
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Avery Tatsumaki
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