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 Messer, Leyton

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Messer, Leyton 34pi5np

Name: Leyton, Messer
Age: 20
Birthdate: Aug 12
Sexuality: Homosexual
Marital Status: Single
Location: London
Rank: Civilian

Race: Magical Being (Wizard)
Special Characteristics: N/A

Height: 6'2
Weight: 180
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Fur/Skin Color: N/A
Hair Color | Length: Dark Blue and Shoulder Length
General Description: His midnight blue hair cascades down his pale face and stops at his shoulders. His icey blue gaze looks as if it pierces through you with every glance. A kind expression is usually on his face. He is tall and somewhat thin, but has surprising strength for his size. His clothes are usually well kept and he likes to wear the color blue.

Personality: A rather calm person, Leyton likes to think before he acts. He isn't against adventure, he just wants to be prepared. He is a rather kind person, but gets a laugh from surprising people. He enjoys charms and transfiguration, but is capable of dueling stronger wizards on sheer talent. He tends to flock towards groups of people for companionship and rarely. He is great with quizzes, puzzles, and the like. He tends to be a great listener. He does not care for the dark arts much, but will use them if he has no choice.

History: Growing up in the heart of london, Leyton was one of the many wizards and witches of his area. His mother and father were both pure-blood wizards, and so he would show signs of magic as early as 7 years old. A rather happy child, he was especially talented for a young kid. While he lacked in areas like magical creature knowledge or Divination, he soon discovered that he was great at dueling. As soon as he started to study magic, he found he had a rush of talent. Blazing through his lessons, at least the cool ones, he soon made a name for himself among wizards and witches.

His time learning went rather fast and without too much incident. He did manage to save a fellow witch from an attacker, and received an award for his valiant effort. After getting to the last year of his schooling, he decided he wanted to represent wizards everywhere by going and seeing the world and beyond. The more he could learn, the better he would be. He soon graduated and took off, finding ways to venture to lands unheard of. He picked up of several types of magics and spells that had never been heard of. Of course the path was dangerous, and he has his share of hidden scars, but he is that much stronger of a wizard because of it.

He has since returned back to london to attempt to find more like him, that want to adventure out to learn more for any reason. He figured the best place to do that was in london. He would find people that wanted to change the world and make it better for wizards and witches like himself. While he wouldn't admit it out loud, he secretly wanted to pass his already considerable knowledge to others.

RP Sample: >.>

Faceclaim: Deviantart
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Messer, Leyton
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