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 Rank Guidelines

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We have four ranks in total on our site. These ranks range from the lowly Civilian and end at Blood Noble. Your character will be colored and classified depending on where your character falls within these ranks. Each one is different, and the higher the rank the harder it is to get into. To start off with a pre-ranked character the spot must be there for you to use and you must follow the proper procedures needed to qualify: you can find those below.

Civilian: Civilians are your common people. They work in your most basic shops, hunt, farm, ect, and make up the majority of each areas population. Without them you wouldn't have an empire. Everyone starts off here unless they meet the needed criteria for a higher rank.
- To become a Civilian you would simply need to complete a character application with the listed word counts in the template itself.

Minor Noble: Minor Nobles are your rich merchants; and those who have a tad bit of power but not enough to go big places with.
- To become a Minor Noble you must add an additional 300 words to your history on top of the word counts already listed.

High Noble: These are essentially your Kings, Queens, and other high royalty who have authority over their entire country/race. What they say goes.
- To become a High Noble you must add an additional 500 words to your history, and an additional 100 words to your personality.

Blood Noble: A Blood Noble is the highest rank in any race. They are essentially a God or Goddess among their fellows and are few and far between. Their word is law: if they give a command it cannot be disobeyed.
Blood Nobles are locked down right now. There are very few to begin with, and we will not be allowing anyone to start off as a Blood Noble outside of the few allowed for plot.
The guidelines for becoming a Blood Noble are rather strict and must closely be followed:
- You CANNOT take a Blood Noble as your first character.
- You must have a pre-existing character that has been approved for over a month before staff will even consider giving you permission to making a Blood Noble (this means you must also be active!).
- The position within your race must be open for you to take: there will be only TWO Blood Nobles allowed per race.
- Your application must be in top order. Your word counts will be a lot higher than any other application: 500 for General Description, 500 for Personality, and X amount for history.

Now, like in the real world people rise up through the ranks all of the time. Even if you start off as a Civilian you can work your way up through the ranks. To do this you simply have to make a name for yourself, and to do that you must complete the following:

Civilian → Minor Noble Requirements: You must have 50+ posts and the spot must be available within your race.

Minor Noble → High Noble Requirements: 100+ posts and the spot must be available within your race.

High Noble → Blood Noble Requirements: First and foremost there can only ever be 2 Blood Nobles in each race; so if there are already two then you must eliminate one to make room for yourself. You must also have at least 500+ posts and staff approval.

When you have met these requirements you simply allow a member of staff to know and we will bump up your rank and change your color.
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Rank Guidelines
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