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Name: Andromedans
Location: The Worlds Beyond || Earth
Average Life Space: Immortal
History: The Andromedans are an ancient race whose powers have been mistaken for that of divinity several times. They have taken the name of the place of which they rose from; the Andromeda galaxy.

This race started out just as most modern day humans believe they themselves started. They rose from trial and error, evolving and evolving, at times having subspecies; though all but one line would always turn into a genetic dead end for their species.

They continued to evolve, coming from an age of darkness into an age of powerful technology. First they spread civilization across their planet, exploring and making sure to understand everything there was to grasp in their home. Next they reached to the stars, colonising and bringing technology to different planets and solar systems, and eventually a new galaxy. With their growing advancements they even unlocked the secret to preventing the aging process; with this secret their lives grew longer and longer.

DNA was decrypted, unlocked and decoded... The genetic mistakes that left their immune systems wide open where corrected; weaknesses in their skeleton that made them vulnerable to breaking were fixed, their bodies augmented to what they consider perfect for their race.

Long, long ago, when the race was still busy colonising and terra-forming planets, they came across the humble little planet named Earth. At the time, the planet's inhabitants consisted of strange beasts that still walked on four legs and primal, now extinct, primates. Taking a few of these nearly bi-pedal animals, they drew DNA, decrypted and altered it, mixing the smallest bits of their own genetic coding into the primates' codes. It sped up the creature's evolution, the legs becoming longer, pelvis correcting, losing a majority of muscle mass in exchange for a more highly developed brain. The first two modern humans were created in a lab, the male was named Adam, the woman named Eve. They were released into a carefully controlled environment... But first they had to be tested... Could they think on their own? How advanced was their thought process? How fast could they adapt?

They were given one rule. They could not take part in the "tree" of sacred knowledge. They broke that rule and passed the test... They were not a blindly obedient sub-race. From the "tree" they learned much and from the controlled environment they were released into the wilds of the world. Of course, they would be closely watched, their offspring monitored to make certain that they were not just another genetic failure.

The "human" subspecies of the Andromedans were quick to evolve, solving their problems with more and more logical answers. Then one of the greater race fell from his civility. He gave into the temptations of jealousy and hatred. This Andromedan's name was Lucifer, he and his followers challenged the upper council, declared a war that nearly tore the race apart at the seams. After a long battle, the upper council won, and Lucifer and his followers were banished from the empire. They had fallen from their grace, gave into the weakness that many had thought had been bred out of the upper race... Temptations of gluttony, lust, betrayal and wrath... Mind breakers were used to interrogate many of the remaining race members... A necessary precaution taken to ensure that seeds were not lying in wait to strike and launch another war. A war that might have ended the race as a whole.

A great purging took place, the ones that were still followers were exiled, sent away to a place that the humans had started to dub "Hell", the floating ship above the planet had been called a word "heaven"... Strange humans... Making a religion around those that had engineered them, a rather false religion of blind faith... Something the Andromedans didn't believe.

There was the humans that did not follow the path of righteousness, they committed moral wrong-doings... Sleeping about, stealing, killing out of wrath and not out of protection, needlessly taking when their plates were already overflowing with the banquet of the earth. A downward spiral that needed to be corrected before the human subspecies destroyed themselves.

A male and female human were designed, tweaked to be given stronger moral 'programming', created and destined for each other. They were both implanted into human females, born and raised by specially chosen families to ensure that they wouldn't fall into the snare of immorality. After the male, named Noah, had grown and married the female and bore children with her, was given an order; gather two of every animal.

The genetic codes of each gender from every animal was collected and put into storage in a device called an Ark. After his task was complete, the upper race wiped the land clear with a massive flood. The wickedly immoral were erased, and Noah and his descendants carried the codes for a more perfect human, one that knew more clearly the difference between wrong and right. After this huge flood, the Andromedans began to withdraw, content to sit back and watch. Some of their descendants, pure bloods of the race had been scattered through the human populace to keep watch.
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