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Name: Elves
Location: The High Realms || The Mortal Realms [Earth]
Average Life Space: 0-15,000 years
Dark Elves: Dark elves are known for their aggression, deceit, and stealth. They are very brutal and cruel by nature, having little mercy when it comes to cheating, battling, or anything dealing with the life of another being. They have little respect for even their own kind, at times waging war against each other. However, clans are known to band together, to combat invasions and attacks by other races. Many dwell underground.
Grey Elves: Usually not as civilized (and haughty) as High Elves, but neither as sullen and xenophobic as Wood Elves, who live in a quasi-feudal societies. They often live either near sea or large lakes or at remote islands and are extremely proficient mariners and seafarers. Not as proficient in magic, arts and sciences as High Elves, but excellent on poetry, music, lore and epic literature.
High Elves: High elves are distinguished from other fantasy elves by their place of living, as they usually dwell in stone cities, instead of woods, like wood-elves. High elves and dark elves can be used to contrast respectively the good elves and the evil elves. Typically high elves consider themselves the most purely good race of all, and haughtily view all other races beneath them, especially other elven races, and they are usually the most magically developed of all elves.
Mythic/Primal Elves: The most ancient and powerful subrace of elves. These type of elves were rumored to have existed before humankind and it should be noted that several of the "gods" in Celtic/Norse Mythology, Tuatha Dé Danann and Vanir, are considered to be particular families of them. While most of the elven race live in isolated communities on the planet, these type of elves live in communities found in other dimensions.
Sea/Aquatic Elves: While some elves took to the skies, others took to the sea. The Sea elves are a subrace that reside in undersea civilizations. Naturally They are closed off from human societies and are also in tune with their environment.
Sky Elves: A race of elves that reside in the high heavens. These type of elves live in communities literally stationed in the sky. Because of their destination, their communities are hard to invade, and the elves have the power to protect it since they have learned to control the elements and creatures of their environment.
Space/Star Elves: "A subrace of elves that reside in the stars". These type of elves live in space and reside in communities where magic and technology are one. This means that the technology they use will either be crystalline, or organic constructs that are both in tune with nature and capable of destroying whole cities.
Wood Elves: Elves that reside in the forests of the world. Members of this subrace live outside of common civilization and possess a connection with Nature that is stronger than those of any other subrace.

Background: Elves have been along for thousands of years. Well skilled in the ways of nature, hunting, and fishing, they've all kept to themselves for a very long time; keeping as far from human contact as possible. But, like all things, that soon came to an end. Due to the increases in human technology it's become harder for them to hide, and even as well adapted as they are they've had to make a decision: hide deeper into the forests, oceans, and skies that they call home, or to reveal themselves and live among the Humans.
This has always been great cause for debate among the elves...
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