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Name: The Moors
Location: Earth
Average Life Space: Immortal
History: The Moors have always been a secret race with a royal hierarchy within them otherwise known as s’Hisbe (suh-HEEB) of Shadows. They're much like vampires in the fact that they have fangs, and many of the Vampiric qualities, with a few exceptions (see Physiology for details). After many years the royal Princes broke off, joining into the modern world. Following them the rest of the Moor race followed slowly in their footsteps. While they continue to be very untrusting to those outside of their race and customs, they do blend in and work among the Humans and other creatures that are lurking through the world, both unseen and seen.

The Moors continue to practice their rituals and customs in secret - some of which include sacrifice while others include Trickster like ways in which they mess with Humans or other species for /harmless/ fun, as well as have their own council that gives them two sets of laws to abide by: mans and their own. Most of their laws lay within the same as mankind's, with harsher penalties for crimes such as rape, and murder.

Many can be seen reading or looking through The Shadow Death Lexicon, which is more suitable for those who are priests than potential Kings. The race has their own schooling system for their children which each child is then given a copy of the book to study so that they can master their races many secrets.
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