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PostSubject: Elementalists    Elementalists  EmptySat May 28, 2016 2:16 am

Name: Elementalists
Location: Earth
Average Life Space: 0-1,000 years
History: Elementalists have been around for thousands upon thousands of years, blending in well due to their human appearances. When they first originated is unknown due to age and the dying of stories over time. However, the few stories that do remain speak of the race being blamed for many a problem over the years.
Anything from devastating accidents to severe weather has been blamed on the Elementalists. For a while they were persecuted as witches and burned along with the rest due to the mass fear raised by the churches during the Dark Ages. However, burning for most of them had little to no effect due to their thermal resistance, and they would simple manipulate themselves to appear dead long enough to then escape.
Due to this persecution they became secretive after a while to better preserve themselves, and to keep themselves from having to sustain further attacks. However, now in the modern age it has once again become hard not to stand out; either due to rebellious youth wanting to stretch their hand out into the world, or modern technology outing them.
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