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Name: Quincy
Location: Earth
Average Life Space: 0-100years
History: The Quincy (滅却師 (クインシー), Kuinshī; lit. "Monk of Destruction") in modern terms, were Human mediums, having the ability to detect the existence of Hollows. It all started when they began training to confront Hollows in order to defeat them, the same as Shinigami do. Most of the Quincy were destroyed by the Shinigami over 200 years ago in order to prevent the destruction of the world. Quincy are the polar opposite of Shinigami. Quincy are spiritually aware Humans able to absorb and manipulate Reishi into spiritual weapons.

Gemischt and Echt Quincy

At some point within their history, the Quincy began to distinguish themselves based upon an individual's ancestry and adopted the practice of true-breeding. Those who were descended from a long line of only Quincy and so, were thought to have a pure heritage, came to be known asEcht (純血統 (エヒト), Ehito; German for "Real", Japanese for "Pure-Blooded") Quincy, while all others were instead referred to as Gemischt (混血統 (ゲミシュト), Gemishuto; German for "Mixed", Japanese for "Mixed-Blooded"). In order to preserve their pure lineage, many families conducted arranged marriages between their own children and only those belonging to other pure families.


The final point of contrast between the Quincy and Shinigami is their respective choice of uniform. While the Shinigami wear traditional, black, flowing hakama, the Quincy wear white, form-fitting, high-collared tunics. These bear some resemblance both to Mandarin Chinese dress and to cassocks of Catholic priests. This gives the Quincy a distinctly "foreign" or "Western" style compared to the Shinigami. One peculiar recurring motif of Quincy is that of a cross, which appears frequently on their uniforms and artifacts. The cross is not the same shape among all Quincy. There is also a six-pointed cross that appears on the back of Uryū's Quincy tunic. The differences between Quincy and Shinigami in costume and iconography are minor compared to the differences in weaponry and ideology.


The Quincy were created by Yhwach. He is their King and his blood flows in every Quincy. The Quincy were scattered all over the world at one time. They were relatives of magic hunters who specialized in the war against Hollows.

Fall of the Quincy
Since the origin of the Quincy, many years passed within Soul Society trying to appeal to the Quincy that the handling of Hollows should be left to the Shinigami. The Quincy refused to accept the situation. As time went on, the number of Quincy increased and the cycle of souls became more unstable, forcing the Shinigami to reluctantly wipe out the Quincy in order to maintain the balance of the world.

Failed Reconciliation
The Quincy line was closely monitored over the decades, as their numbers continued to dwindle. Later the Quincy advanced the idea that since they were already among the living and still more numerous at the time, they could act as "first responders" to Hollow attacks: protecting Humans until the less-numerous Shinigami could send a representative to finish the Hollow off. Embittered by the recent war, the Shinigami refused to participate, opting instead to allocate their limited resources to reacting to the most dangerous Hollows and current Hollow attacks. This caused great enmity towards Shinigami. Uryū Ishida, Ichigo's classmate and a Quincy whose grandfather, Sōken Ishida, was the last advocate of the Quincy plan was slain by a group of Hollows before the Shinigami could arrive.

Quincy Legend: History Realized
Within Quincy legend, there is a song known as the Kaiser Gesang (聖帝頌歌 (カイザー・ゲザング), Kaizā Gezangu; German for "Emperor Song", Japanese for "Praise-Song of the Sacred Emperor") which speaks of a sealed king. According to the song, the seal would be broken and the king would regain his heart after 900 years. 90 years after, his intellect would return. And 9 years afterwards, his power would return. To regain his powers, the king would have to steal the powers of impure Quincy. This legend was proven true when Yhwach stole Masaki Kurosaki's and Kanae Katagiri's powers. However, according to Yhwach, there is an additional part of this song: 9 days after he regained his power, the emperor will regain the world.

Danger to the Balance
Shinigami govern the souls between the Human World and Soul Society, which maintains a balance that if not kept would result in the mutual destruction of both worlds. All souls, including Hollows, are subject to the Shinigami governance of maintaining the balance. Quincy completely extinguish Hollows. Thus the souls that come to the Human World do not return to Soul Society and therefore the souls would increase only on the side of the Human World. Meaning, the Human World becomes heavy in souls causing Soul Society to spill over into it; mixing life and death. The ultimate result would be the end of the world.
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