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PostSubject: Aquatics   Aquatics EmptySat May 28, 2016 2:06 am

Name: Aquatics
Location: Earth
Average Life Space: 0-10,000 years
History: The history of what the surface dwellers call aquatics is as long as that of life itself; the very first organisms that populated the primordial pools of the baby earth would be considered Aquatics by all definitions used in present times; and all native life on the planet is descended from these early organisms. Aquatics are less a singular race as just the term used to address all 'advanced' life that lives even part of it's life below the waters of the world; those fish, crustaceans, amphibians, etc that have obtained some measure of sentience and culture. As such, Aquatic covers an enormously large section of the animal kingdom, as well as an almost disproportional amount of life in general. However, representation of the Aquatics in most aspects of the functioning of the world is minuscule at best, as they prefer to remain under the waves, or in their watery homelands, far away from the wars and 'petty politics' of the land-creatures.
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