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Name: Vampire
Location: Scattered
Average Life Space: Immortal
History: Many believe that the first Vampire came to be about by God's punishment on Cane for killing his brother. Because of his crime God punished him so that he had to live his life on blood.
Vampires are beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures. They are creatures far faster, stronger, and usually smarter than average humans. They are otherwise called "Immortal" due to their inability to die of natural causes - leading them to live very, very long lives as long as they're not killed off by some other means.
Due to past experiences with angry mobs carrying torches or other such items; most Vampires believe in keeping the identity of their race secret. While others, especially the more "modern day" Vampires believe that, due to the recent culture changes, they no longer need to hide. It is a cause for debate almost all of the time.
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