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 The Hunt~ [Sasha, or Invite]

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The Hunt~ [Sasha, or Invite] Empty
PostSubject: The Hunt~ [Sasha, or Invite]   The Hunt~ [Sasha, or Invite] EmptyTue Sep 29, 2015 5:11 am

A criminal, murderer. Scum of the earth. Worthless trash. The man that Isis was pursuing had been called it all and then some. He was the lowest of the low: a monster who preyed on the weak and took advantage of anyone and everyone who crossed his path. His latest crime had been the worst yet, the most despicable: or rather, what would have been his latest crime had Isis not stepped in. He had been about to drag a woman he had been stalking down a dark alley to rob, have his way with, and then murder when Isis had caught wind of his thoughts. The thievery had been enough to catch her attention, the rest had been what forced her to act. Isis knew humans stole to survive: some of them didn't have a choice considering how little humans cared for one another and how little they were willing to help each other out. But this? This was simply because he got a sick and cheap thrill off of it.

Which meant Isis was about to get a 'sick' thrill off of it; her inner predator was alive and in full swing this evening. She had chased the man easily out of the alley and through the empty streets. She had chased him so long that he had actually ran out of the little village and had taken to the forests. Big mistake. While he stumbled and fell, slowed by nature and his inability to see well, Isis was able to circle around him with ease, dodging in close enough and slow enough to allow him to hear her before she was gone damn near instantly again.

It would have been nothing for her to near instantly be on him: to kill him and be done with it. But, Isis was feeling a bit vindictive. She wanted him to feel the fear that he had put his victims through. She wanted him to know what it felt like to be hunted down, to know what it was like to be completely and totally helpless: to have no other option but to flee.

After Isis dodged in close again, running sharpened nails across his bare chest hard enough to leave shallow gashes, she came to a stop nearby. The man was cursing and now bleeding; eyes peeled back in fear as he looked around in an attempt to see what monster had scratched him. Yet, the shadows covered Isis well from his sight: he wouldn't see her until she wanted him to. "You get off on harming people: scheming them, taking advantage of them, robbing them, murdering them: but the crime you were going to commit tonight is the worst of all. It's time you learned a lesson yourself." Isis's voice, as she spoke, echoed around the forest, clearly doing nothing more than confusing her prey even further.
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The Hunt~ [Sasha, or Invite]
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