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 Hungry Shadows [Private. Lee Only. NK]

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PostSubject: Hungry Shadows [Private. Lee Only. NK]   Hungry Shadows [Private. Lee Only. NK] EmptyWed Sep 09, 2015 3:55 am

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Right. Humans where stupid. Did this male really think he'd be able to fool anyone with that trick. MAYBE if the skin he threw on still smelled of bear, it might fool something with horrible eyesight; bears in general didn't have the best eyes, and many of the herbivores had pretty nasty twilight vision, so a clearly like this that was held in that dusky almost day, almost night light would be a bad place to rely on eyes to figure out what was going on. Fortunately for him, he was biologically human, and humans had AMAZING twilight vision compared to other apex species. Not even raptors could touch the clarity of a human's twilight vision, and that was saying something.

No matter. It just meant he had another skin to add to his bed pile. He had a rather comfortable (for him, anyway) cave set up only a few miles away; a pile of dead grasses and moss beneath several layers of animal pelts giving him a soft, warm place to sleep; away from the elements and prying eyes of the night hunters.

He made little noise; only releasing what would be a very convincing grunt-roar; that noise that everyone associated with a bear communicating. It wasn't as 'deep' as a bear of his 'size' would normally be, but a human that wasn't trained and experienced in forest beasts would never notice the difference. He wasn't outright threatening the human, this was a show really; he was the territory owner, and this was an intruder, yes; but he had no reason to escalate this until he'd had some fun. That, and he did know how a bear would react to a rival in it's territory. Rearing up like that was the dumbest thing to do unless you where actively looking for a fight.

The psychotic one moved closer, no longer in a direct line toward the other male. He was circling, sort of; even bears did that before they started actively attacking. This was a big beast playing his his food, and the human didn't even realize he was lunch yet.

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Hungry Shadows [Private. Lee Only. NK]
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