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 Special Characteristics

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A special characteristic is something unique to your character. Something that has come from their past, or something that they're born with. It's supposed to be something that can either help or hinder that character, and every character is welcome to have them; provided a few rules are followed.

You are only allowed up to 2 special characteristics when first creating your character's app and up to 4 special characteristics total. However, don't get discouraged. You can app more later, for 1,000 Credits each plus a word count. This word count is based upon how powerful this Special Characteristic is:
RM - 500 Words
URM - 1,000 Words
MP - 2,500 Words
PC - 5,000 Words

Special Characteristics must be apped using the following Template:

[b]Name:[/b] Name of your SC
[b]Type:[/b] Personal? Racial? Trained?
[b]Description:[/b] What does your SC do?

Please take a moment to understand what a special characteristic is compared to an ability:

Master Swordsman - This is a special characteristic, it's something that makes your character unique in a certain area, it is something that could have come from training or that perhaps your character was born being good at.

Kamehameha - This is an attack. While it might be a trade-mark move of your character, or something your character is known for being able to do there is nothing distinguishing about it, therefore it is an ability.

While there might not look to be a large difference between the two this is our way of keeping people from taking abilities as SC's and otherwise abusing the Ability payment, and getting away with more freebies than they otherwise would have.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the staff.

In the name of God,

Impure souls of the living dead

Shall be banished into eternal damnation.


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Special Characteristics
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