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 Inuzuka, Hiroyuki

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Inuzuka, Hiroyuki Ekhjbt

Name: Hiroyuki Inuzuka
Age: 26
Birthdate: March 11th
Rank: Jounin

Village: Saiumorigakure no Sato
Clan: Inuzuka, Kamizuki
Element(s): Water, Wind, Lightning
Specialties: Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu
Special Characteristics:  


Weight: 175 lbs
Hair Color: Golden
Eye Color: Green
General Description: Scrawny, in one overarching word. Hiroyuki is beyond scrawny for someone that has the name Inuzuka. His build is far closer to his Kamizuki cousins; what few are actually his general age range and height. He'd never failed to hit his milestones as a child; but while he would grow in height (and he did, very often); he never really filled out in weight or musculature. He was quiet obviously the one of the three siblings that was taking after Michizuki in physiology. Yuki and Temaki where far more like Kenta, or even Ashi really. Hell, his cousin Aisling, for all of her problems; was stronger physically then him. But that never meant much to Hiroyuki. He maintained the overall coloration of his father; if with green eyes that spoke of his uncles more then his fathers or sisters.  

About You!
Personality: Quiet. Calm. Happy. That is the easiest way to describe Hiroyuki's personality. He was never the type to shy from hard work; so the strict training that both his parents forced on him was never a burden, nor a problem. He loved to read and study, which made the training with Michizuka far easier then with Kenta; as Michizuka was the father that trained his mind, while Kenta trained his body. He was very much Kenta's child in his love for water and cold; a direct opposite of his hot headed and loving sisters. Hiro's reputation as a voluntary mute came about only because so few people around him had a mind that would accept his passive telepathic skills without force on his part. Given he hated using force on anyone without reason; he just came off to most as completely silent. To those that could hear his mental voice... he was a warm, loving, talkative person that seemingly had an answer for anything. Wisdom was gained through the training of his mind; and the shared experiences he gained from his fathers; and it gave him a perspective that valued peace and diplomacy over anything else. Hiroyuki is not a violent child unless provoked; and may the gods help you if you do; as his psychic skills are easily enough to render the strongest fighter a blithering, piss soaked mess.
Likes: Having lived a life of ease (relatively so), Hiroyuki has had the time, ability, and motivations, to try many things in his life. Tradition, and genetics, are strong though; and even for his lithe, thin, frame, this boy outright LOVES food. His metabolism might not let him gain muscle mass easily; but neither does it allow him to gain weight at all; and as such is a walking vacuum around food in general. His tastes run a tad more towards fruits and grains then pure meat; but that's not to say he couldn't take his cousins in a carnivorous eating contest. Books are his third greatest love; a distant mark behind food, and even farther behind his family. Nothing matters more to Hiro then his family; and he makes no secret of this.
Dislikes: Traitors. Law breakers. Anyone that disturbs the peace of his village and his family. Hiroyuki is much as his father's; he has a clear sense of right and wrong; as well as a very developed honor code. He also has the wisdom to realize that personal code is not the absolute answer; so while he would love to act as the voice of the law at times... he knows better. He understands. And he hates that he does; because to act without thinking is far easier then to work within reason. Beyond that... sour fruits, bitter vegetables, lack of sleep; the usual complaints from a (mostly) typical 18 year old.
Motivations: Outside of a general appreciation for books and an fondness for reading; Hiroyuki has few motivations. He is the type to have a fairly consistent daily schedule; but beyond that he is the exact opposite of his sisters; actually somewhat lazy and the type to spend hours sitting in comfortable meditation. The Gods help you if you cross him, or hurt his family; however. That is one of the few motivating factors that will awaken the beast within and send him into a frothing rage of unstoppable fury that has never failed to end the life of problems and threats to his pack.
Fears: Hiroyuki is your typical Daddy's boy; his main and most paralyzing fears tie into his fathers. From an early age he feared nothing so much as disappointing them; for any reasons. This lead to many years spent torn; as he knew that his lack of vocalizing as a child was almost a disappointment in and of itself; however the balance from the pride they felt over his mental abilities helped to keep this from crushing him. It wasn't until his father's illness began to take over and threaten his life that Hiro truly grasped the depth of his fears; was forced to see the darkness lingering just outside the happy circle of his life until that point.

History: Youth:
Hiroyuki, or Hiro for short, was always surrounded by family, whether it be his immediate family which consisted of himself, and his two sisters - Yuki and Temaki - and his father's Kenta Inuzuka and Michizuka Kamizuki. He was the first born in the set of triplets, making him want to shoulder the responsibilities of an elder brother. His youth was spent constantly surrounded by his sisters. At a very young age he showed his father Michizuka's knack of brain power; the child proved to be a telepath, and a very powerful one at that. When his father, Kenta Inuzuka, the former Hakage of Niwaurushi wasn't busy doing office work they spent hours doing survival trainings. Learning to survive and to turn nothing into something. How to live off of the bare minimum. Training came hand in hand with this; as each one of their strengths was put to the test and honed to perfection. Though, a great deal of this childhood fun came to a halt right about the time Hiroyuki was preparing to enter into the Academy. Given Hiroyuki's knack for telepathy he could tell rather quickly that something was wrong, and becoming more so as time went on. Then, the news of Kenta's condition, of the fact that he was becoming sicker, came home.

Even though his father was sick, Hiroyuki was still pushed into the academy at his father's wishes. If his father wanted him to be all he was capable of being then he was going to oblige, even if he would have rather been home at his father's side. But, for the most part he was happy to be there.
The lessons were easy enough, and came like second nature to him. Though, he didn't care for the more physical aspects of the academy, he made up for his lack of strength with his speed. In spars and practice fights it quickly got to the point to where only his own cousins and siblings dared face him, the other children being far too frightened to want to face up to him in such a manner. A lot sooner than most of his classmates he was up for promotion, the Academy no longer capable of teaching him anything new. Therefore, he was allowed to graduate a lot earlier than most of his peers and start his life as a Genin.

Though he was assigned to a squad Hiroyuki did all he could possible to stay close to home. While the normal activities still happened, and survival training had picked up once more on his days off that weren't being spent training, - normally with his younger cousins - he always kept close to his father, Kenta. He had always been more of a daddy's boy than anything, and it showed now more than ever. He knew his father was becoming sicker and sicker, and the inevitable day happened to where his father ended up in Niwaurushi's hospital, of all places. Hiroyuki remained by his side through the whole ordeal. His normal quiet and reserved nature took on a complete one-eighty, as he started lashing out over even the smallest thing. He didn't want his father in such a place, he wanted him home where he knew he'd be safe. Kenta's release came soon enough, and with it came the announcement that he'd have to step down as Hakage. Hiroyuki, being the eldest of his siblings, was one of the first who were next in line to take the title. However, none of the children wanted it. They were far too concerned with their father's well being to want to take on any sort of responsibility that would cause them to have to leave his side. Therefore, Hiroyuki offered the solution to their problem, and offered up the suggestion of Aisling as his father's replacement. She was one of his favorite cousins at that time, and one of the few he could spent countless hours with without having a small urge to smack, as she was a quiet girl just like he was. She was also one of the most intelligent people he knew; and one of the few that could handle the pressures of running an entire village. Hiro knew well the insanity that came with the job; as he'd spent a large portion of his childhood mentally synced with his fathers; and he knew all there was to know of them, and their experiences. This left him in a unique position to help his cousin; his sisters made for the perfect bodyguards; Yuki being the epitome of Inuzuka skill and power, and Temaki being a trap and explosives expert. They would keep her, and the village, safe at a distance; while he would offer wisdom gained through his fathers and everyone around him, as well as protection on a mental level. He could shield her mind; and alert to threats no one else could. It was a perfect arraignment. He was able to stay close and protect his Kage, cousin, and village; while being close enough to his father to help out when needed. In the preceding few years; his father's health had stabilized to some degree; he was no longer in the hospital 9 days out of 10, and had actually begun to improve; but there where still bad days, good days, and those terrible days they spent huddled together in waiting rooms silently trying not to destroy the world that left father so sick.

Aisling had been in power only a few months when word came down that promotions had been approved again. Hiroyuki and his sisters; along with a few others where being promoted for various reasons; some because they where specialists in specific areas and fast tracked to Special Jounin (as Temaki was); or for reasons that where slightly more nepotistic then others. Yuki and Hiro hadn't even attempted an exam; they where too busy with life and helping to care for their father to even give a flying fuck; but the skills the two had could not be denied; and even if someone had tried to protest; well, the would have no problems  proving their worth as Chuunin. Genjutsu specialists where rare enough; and Inuzuka had easily established themselves as the predominant protectors of the village over the past 20 years or so. It wasn't unexpected; nor was anyone surprised. If anything; it gave Hiroyuki's placement as adviser to the Hakage more merit; and the ability to sit on her protection details on the rare occasions she traveled. Combined with his father's slowly improving health, and the general prosperity of his family and village; he was finding himself to be more of the happy child he'd once been, versus the sullen and overstressed teenager he'd become.

Special Jounin:
Time passed and they grew stronger in power and skill; each in their own ways. Aisling continued to manage the village, with Hiroyuki picking up any slack left over; often times acting as the main ambassador for the village itself. His way with words and his knowledge of outside customs made him the perfect choice for the job; and it was during this time that he truly began to blossom. His work with Fuuinjutsu had done much to increase his already sizable intellect, as well as having a secondary, somewhat odd effect. Something about his Fuuinjutsu training was helping to improve his physical abilities; which had always been his biggest weakness. Or maybe it was just his age, he was into his 20s now and had hit a small, final growth spurt a bit later then most males. Maybe he had finally just come into his body, and his Inuzuka genes were finally kicking in properly. He never really bothered to care, choosing instead to enjoy the increased stamina and vitality he'd finally gained. His time as a Special Jounin was rather short; it was only a matter of a few months before the elders decided he was ready to be promoted to full Jounin.

Jounin (A-rank): Not long after he was granted full Jounin status, his cousin Aisling stepped down as Hakage; and while most assumed that Hiroyuki would instantly step up to the position; he once again turned down the position; preferring his position as ambassador and adviser to the Kage instead. His Inuzuka soul craved the freedom that the job allowed him; being cooped up in the office for months at a time was not something he could handle; he still couldn't understand how his father had managed it for his tenure as Kage; Kenta was roughly the same age then as Hiroyuki was now, and if stories could be believe, his father craved freedom even more then he did.

RP Sample:It would have been normal to be silent at that moment; anyone else but him would have been in the middle of shocked silence. Not Hiroyuki, not now. His thoughts had finally broken through the barrier between his mind and voice; and now there was no stopping him. "Father is WHAT!?" The doctors had never once cowered before him; not sweet, gentle little Hiroyuki. Never little, weak, Hiroyuki. But now... now the sheer power of the young male was brought to bare; the power of his mind making everyone outside of his sister's and father nearly piss themselves in fear. There was no Genjutsu at work here; merely the force of his emotions exploding outward in waves after wave of might.

"Hiroyuki... son... this won't help him... your father wouldn't want to see you this way. Giving his doctors heart attacks will end only with more pain."

A growl never heard from the small Inuzuka heir was cut short as his sister (his crazy, bomb making, cackles at death sister that was nothing but somber and quiet and why was the world so wrong!?) placed a hand on his shoulder and pulled him close; his other sister closing the circle of their little world while Michizuka was forced to play the caring husband and not be a father for them; not spoil and comfort them as he and Kenta normally had. The siblings needed to learn this lesson; that daddy couldn't always make everything better; even when it was Da' on the line.

"Make him better..."

"Hiro... brother... you know it doe-..."


"Hiroyuki Inuzuka! SHUT UP AND CALM DOWN! DO AS I TELL YOU!" Michi had never yelled at them before, not like this. Kenta never yelled at them in anger; Michi didn't need to. Their family was falling apart and the only one that could save them was laying in a bed fighting for his life while his family was forced to watch.

"Daddy... come back to us... Daddy has to come back..." First Yuki; strong, stoic Yuki... her tears set off her sister, then their father... and finally little Hiro. Soft, sweet, delicate Hiro; the one that had to carry the weight of the family now; the one that cried when large beetles got to close, or someone picked on him for his odd coloration, or made fun of his family, or anything really. Now he had to be stronger then all of them. But he was only a child, and it was his beloved father in trouble, and there was nothing left to hold him up but the broken backs of his daddy and sisters and there was nothing left to lean on and he was broken and there was nothing left. There would never be anything left...

And then a voice... in his mind; deep in the parts of his mind even his Da' couldn't reach. So much like his father's... only deeper, more feral. More like his wolf cousins... more like...

His grandfather. The voice he'd heard once in Daddy's memories...

"My boy... my precious boy... they need you now; Hiroyuki. Your father needs you. Your sisters need you. Kenta needs you. Be strong, show the strength of our family. You have it in you, I know you do."

And in that moment, he felt it. The feral heart of the clan; always so weak in him... it was beating now; filling him with the power of the canines, the wolves, and all the animals of the forests. The power of his mind, his father's mind; the entire clan's cultured and refined might. He was Hiroyuki Inuzuka; son of the greatest Kamizuki psychic in ten generations and the youngest Kage in 200 years. He could do this. He would be strong. He would make sure his father was proud. "Granda'... You... thank you..."

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Inuzuka, Hiroyuki
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