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Davin H1lzo2p

Name: Davin Daire
Age: ?
Birthdate: 3/31
Sexuality: ?
Marital Status: Single
Location: The Greek Isles
Rank: Civilian

Race: Dryad || Deer Spirit
Special Characteristics: Due to a mutation caused by the mixing of his spirit and dryad ancestry, Davin is functionally, and physically deaf. Davin's body completely lacks the entire auditory system, and the auditory areas of the brain are underdeveloped to the point that it is incapable of processing sound even if fed the information via artificial means. This deafness cannot be reversed by any means but Divine intervention on the part of an Elder God; namely one of the Greek Pantheon that governs the lives and creation of the dryad Davin descends from.

Height: 5'6
Weight: 130lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Fur/Skin Color: White
Hair Color | Length: Auburn red, free hanging at roughly ear length
General Description: Describing a forest spirit is a difficult process, they rarely take on the same form multiple times. Manifesting in a physical sense is uncommon enough, so using a form that is appropriate for that instance . However, some spirits have no choice, for one reason or another. Due to some factor, they manifest in the same form, or manifest with a certain trait each time they choose to. In Davin's case, the being is locked to a specific form due to their parentage; Davin's sire was a human spiritualist that caught the eye of a forest dryad and mated with her while in his animal form; leaving Davin for all intents and purposes half dryad and half deer spirit. Because of this, the physical form of the being is locked in many ways, having inherited the blue eyes and auburn hair of their father, while taking on a nearly effeminate form otherwise. This is an illusion of sorts, as the mixing of the races has caused the rare case of a dryad not being born inherently female. Davin is functionally asexual until the Cervid (deer) aspects of his biology assert themselves, which gives him an overall male gender, while forcing him into purely androgynous appearance territory.  

Personality: Davin is a gentle soul, utterly pacifistic and a firm believer in nonviolent solutions to everything. Silent is not a personality quirk, he is literally incapable of making noise normally, as he is biologically deaf and because of this, the parts of his brain that govern creation of sound have atrophied as badly as the parts that would deal with hearing. Because of his status and nature as a demi-god, he sees time differently, as as such is supremely patient in all aspects of life; he knows he will live for centuries, if not millennium, and because of this he sees no reason to hurry into things.
History: There isn't much to say about Davin's life. Peaceful in the extreme, the being lived with their mother and her sisters for much of their childhood, eventually leaving when they became too old to remain with them. Half-dryad children that are not female in gender are never allowed to remain with the group; it is an edict that was handed down at the birth of the race and the beginning of time. As such, Davin spent many years wandering through the worlds forests, until a suitable new home was found. It was far away from other spirits, an old growth forest who's former guardian had left or passed from this world for some reason or another; and it cried out for a replacement. The child's mixed heritage made them perfect for the job, as a dryad spirit they could bond to the forest itself and make a new home, while their physical form and abilities gained via their human father meant that physically protecting the forest was far easier than normal.

There really isn't much else to say. From that moment, Davin has lived a peaceful life alone in their forest, tending to the old trees and encouraging the forest to grow and prosper. Animals flock to the paradise created by their power, and while humans and other advanced races look to riches of the land with envy and greed, Davin has  worked hard to keep them from destroying the forest they protect.

RP Sample: It was a sad day for all of them; his mother and aunts and friends and family threw a massive party for him, and to his immense surprise his Grandmother appeared and spoke to him directly; he may be her 'family', but everyone knew that family in relation to the high Gods was a... strange concept; in ways beyond his understanding. However, Artemis had always been good to his people, and in his short life he had actually seen her several times; at least once per 'year' she would come to visit them and bring gifts, as well as the renewing rains that blessed them with rainbows and new life. During the celebration, she had appeared to them; bringing gifts and wisdom specifically for him, even taking him aside and spending several long moments with him; allowing him to show her his favorite parts of the forest, and allowing him to ask her questions of the outside world, as well as even allowing him to question the justifications for exiling those like him. She was extraordinarily patient with him, and even showed him personal affection; a rare thing from those of her status. The gifts that she brought for him where practical, as well as sentimental; a special bag of seeds that he was able to 'bind' his spirit to, an indestructible travel cloak that granted him safe passage through all the lands that the High Gods ruled; the final gift was the staff of his father, she'd collected it from his father's people when his father's spirit passed into the Elysium Fields; she lead him personally to his blessed rest as a gift to his mother; whom truly loved the human, but was unable to ever truly be with him during her living days. Far in the future, when even the immortal dryad passed into the afterlife, they would be together with each other, and with him; but that was a far off dream for them all. The gift of his father's staff was one of love, both from his father and his Grandmother; he'd never met his father, but having the staff meant that his spirit was able to commune with his Father's, even while he rested in the afterlife. The times they could commune and speak where rare, but those rare times meant much to both of them; and gave him the ability to learn about the part of his being that he had no way of understanding otherwise. With those time to look forward to, as well as the ability to commune with his mother via the earthly forests and always welcome to speak with his Grandmother if he visited her various temples across the world; he was able to face the unknown knowing that he wasn't entirely alone and that he'd have some way of learning about any abilities that he came into as he grew.

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