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Name: Nasus
Age: 15
Birthdate: June 4
Sexuality: Questioning
Marital Status: Single
Location: Egypt (Alexandria)
Rank: Civilian

Race: Human || Magical Being
Special Characteristics:

Height: 5'8
Weight: 120lbs
Eye Color: Golden
Fur/Skin Color: Tan
Hair Color | Length: Chocolate brown, shoulder length, shaggy
General Description: If you didn't know better, you would assume that Nasus is just another of the hundreds of priests in training in the temple district. He wears the common acolyte clothing; long flowing white robes with hood pulled low over his face and a special mask to cover his features. Only the highest castes of priests are allowed to show their faces in public, and this suits Nasus fairly well. Nasus' true appearance is... different, to say the least. His golden eyes alone would be strange outside all by the most royal of bloodlines; but the strangest part of him are his jackal like ears and the strange, dark coloration of his hands and lower arms. From just above the elbow and down to the tips of his fingers his skin turns midnight black and takes and a very short, silky fur which causes him some distress when discovered. His fingers are strange as well, more claws than hands, with long nails that no matter how much he trims almost instantly grow back. The robes serve to hide the strange tail that hangs low from the base of his spine, covered in the same silky fur as his arms. His legs are digitigrade in nature, meaning that he walks basically on his toes; shaped very much like that of a desert jackal. He tends to keep them wrapped in bandages as an extra cautionary measure, as it is possible for his feet to stick out from under his robes in some cases. Atop his head are two canine ears, again similar to those of the desert jackal; which are contained and hidden by his hood. Over the rest of his body, he wears the common undergarments and trappings of the priest caste; simple wrappings around his waist, and upper arms adorned with the symbols and prayers of his particular sect, as well as small golden adornments with symbols of power and devotions to his particular god.

Personality: Even after everything Nasus has lived through in his short life, the boy retained a cheerful personality overall; he is usually pretty happy with where his life is at the moment, as he is fed, clothed, and safe for the first time in memory. His duties require him to remain silent except in times of prayer or ceremony, and that suites him well enough, as he prefers not to speak unless needed. He is supremely peaceful and pacifistic, he will no even harm a fly unless absolutely necessary.  While he spent his childhood on the streets, he is actually rather smart in many ways; a cleverness that is only seen in street rats and the lower classes that struggle to survive mixed with an innate affinity for learning that was only discovered when he came to his temple making up for years of nothing. He is devoted to his god and his order, they saved him from starving to death and he dedicates his life to repaying the favor until he is old enough and risen high enough in the ranks to make the effort they've put into him worth it.

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